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Best Toners: Our Must Try Skin Tonic

It is a step in the skincare routine that many forget about, but it’s one of the most important. After a thorough cleanse, it’s time to tone, before you moisturise. But where do you find the perfect skin tonic? At Pure Skin Boutique, of course! Whether you’re after the best toner for stressed, unbalanced skin (we’ve got a calming formula just for you) or a refining skin tonic to tone and tighten pores. As we move into warmer months, misting toners are also a great option for cooling and hydrating skin on the move, too. Check out our edit and find the perfect match for you…

The Best Skin Tonics For All Skin Types

BYONIK HIGH ENERGY Calming pH Spray Face & Body

This calming spray skin tonic acidifies the skin surface and buffers the pH of the hydrolipid film, stabilising the acid protective coat. It gives the skin more resistance, counteracting an imbalance of the germ flora and will help to prevent the transition of the skin to an inflammatory stage.  


VETIA FLORIS Hydro-Mist Tonic

This soft and gentle face tonic combines Zinc PCA and Hyssop to cleanse and gently nurture sensitive skin, protecting it from drying out while toning the complexion. The unique natural active ingredient, Gatuline RC Bio, is found in the heart of beech tree buds, and gives a holistic response to cutaneous ageing while increasing cellular oxygen uptake and smoothing skin for microrelief.


CHADO Eau Micellaire Demaquillante & Revitalisante

A gentle micella water skin tonic to freshen and regenerate the complexion. The micro-micelles contained in pure water capture the makeup and impurities, absorbing them instantaneously, cleansing while it tones. Use in the morning to tone the skin and awaken the complexion or in the evening to remove make-up.



Use this luxury skin tonic morning and evening after cleansing to remove any remaining traces of makeup. It will help to improve the skin’s moisture balance while cleansing, refreshing and cooling the skin.  


BYONIK Concur Face Mist

If you’re looking for a toner that will take action against pollution while you’re on the go, the Concur Face Mist protects against damage and environmental elements. Close your eyes and spray the refreshing mist over your face, throat and neckline throughout the day to refresh.


Photo by Yana Iskayeva