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Can a Facial Spray Improve Your Skin?

We know what you might be thinking: what is a facial spray? And do I need one? The answer to the second question is ‘yes’! In short, facial sprays are a modern take on the toner, but they’re even more versatile and great for using on the go. Face mists are great for summer since they have the added benefit of being a cooling pick-me-up for skin when you’re out and about. But the benefits of face mists go way beyond cooling and refreshing your skin. When you’re looking for the best facial spray, opt for products that really deliver high-quality skincare ingredients and offer benefits to suit your needs. Here at Pure Skin Boutique, we’ve hand-picked two world-class face sprays to hydrate, rebalance and protect skin.

Best Face Mists

SWISSCODE Hydro Facial Spray

The SWISSCODE Hydro Facial Spray contains a blend of toning, plumping, replenishing and immune-boosting properties in a gorgeous lightweight, refreshing spray. The formula counteracts skin ageing with a natural sun protection filter, to guard against damaging UV-light effects. Containing patented technology, SWISSCODE’s Light Water balances the skin’s metabolism, normalises cell regeneration and barrier function, which works in conjunction with soluble collagen and Hyaluronic acid to strengthen and firm. Apply throughout the day for a protecting and replenishing boost.



If you’re based in the city, this is the perfect spray for you! You can take action against pollution and ageing while you’re on the go by utilising the gentle power of the CONCUR Face Mist, which effectively protects your skin from damage from environmental factors and is ideal for when you are on the move. Close your eyes and spray the gently refreshing mist over your face, throat and neckline several times a day to enjoy the benefits; the anti-pollution and anti-ageing formula is activated instantly.


BYONIK HIGH ENERGY Calming pH Spray Face & Body

If achieving balanced skin is a major goal for you, this is the face mist you need. This BYONIK spray can be used on face and body and acidifies the skin surface and buffers the pH of the hydrolipid film. It stabilises the acid protective coat, giving the skin more resistance and counteracting an imbalance of the germ flora, helping to prevent inflammation and redness.


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Do facial sprays improve skin? The scientific research.