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How To Achieve Healthy Skin Function For Stressed Skin

Achieving a healthy skin function can be challenging at times, particularly if you have stressed skin or suffer with breakouts or dryness. Looking for a solution? Pure Skin Boutique is here to help! Allow us to introduce our powerful skincare heroes, proven to reduce stress and improve the overall skin function, for healthier skin. Your complexion will have never looked so radiant, or felt so smooth. 

Confused as to what healthy skin function involves? Our skin is our largest organ, and it is the easiest one to know if it is functioning healthily, too. Healthy skin is characterised by being smooth, well-moisturised and free from blemishes, marks or rashes, and with a healthy barrier. Learn about maintaining a winter skin barrier here.

Products For A Healthy Skin Function

BYONIK CONCUR Anti-Pollution & Ageing Collection 

Containing the BYONIK Concur Face Mist, Cream, Fluid and Cream Rich, this protective skincare regimen has everything your complexion needs to function healthily. Nourishing the skin with the high-quality detox and anti-ageing formula, it helps to provide a delicate, youthful complexion, protecting the skin from damaging environmental influences such as allergens, particulates, UV, changes in temperature and dry environments. 


BYONIK Supreme Hyaluron Power

BYONIK SUPREME Hyaluron Power provides concentrated moisture to the skin and has an intensive skin smoothing effect, perfect for maintaining healthy skin function in the winter season. The hyaluronates combined in the 2-Power Complex give your skin back its youthful resilience. The result: extra smooth, extra firm, extra power! The fragrance-free formulation is the perfect pairing for sensitive skin as this concentrate helps strengthen and support the natural protective healthy skin function.



Rejuvenate and protect your skin and help it to function effectively this season thanks to active ingredient black oat, which provides deep moisturising and gives your skin a vitality you’ll feel immediately. Provitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and biotin combine with a maximum amount of rich ceramides to help your skin create a seal of freshnessto protect against environmental damage.


CONCUR Elixir Ampoules

This intensive anti-ageing, anti-pollution and anti-pigmentation complex provides immediate skin tightening. It also boasts anti-inflammatory and skin soothing benefits and repairs and detoxifies whilst supporting the prevention of premature skin ageing, meaning your skin is functioning at optimum levels this season. Achieving healthy skin has never been easier. 


Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash