How to Be Beautiful Inside & Out

On average, women currently spend £340+ on beauty and skincare each year and with wellness becoming an ever more important part of the beauty industry, it’s no wonder that the healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss sector grew by 108% this past year. Consumer demand for wellness products and services is higher than it ever has been, more women are wanting to take care of themselves both inside and out by eating natural, organic foods and using organic and natural skin care.

Health food stores are cropping up everywhere and the public are becoming more aware of how their diets affect not only their fitness and the shape and size of their body, but also the appearance of their skin and how they feel on the inside, their mood, their health – both mental and physical.

Organic, natural, and more increasingly, vegan foods are now bought as a weekly staple for many households. Products such as chia seeds, hemp and quinoa find their way into breakfast smoothies, soups and our everyday lives, searching for those all important ingredients such as cacao, baobab and moringa to reap the amazing health and skin benefits that they offer.

Healthy, glowing skin, plenty of vitamin E, antioxidants and healthy blood circulation are just a few of these benefits and can be enhanced by using the right products on the outside as well as looking after your insides.

The preventative and personalised health sector increased by 78% this year to a huge $243 billion and is set to grow further still with demand for healthy, organic, natural products that are tailored to the individual increasing. At My Beauty Matches, there’s lots of opportunity to find products that are both good for you and good for the environment – products that are made with natural and organic ingredients, that take advantage of the plants and seeds that the earth has given us to make a product that is kind to the skin and can help prevent or eradicate any skin concerns.

Our beauty matchmaker quiz can help you discover products that are not only highly recommended, but are also matched specifically to your skin and your skin concerns, such as acne, wrinkles, dark spots, eczema etc. But it doesn’t stop there, we also match haircare and makeup too, giving you completely unbiased recommendations based on the information you give us! It’s so easy!

Looking for eyeliners that are paraben free and kind to the skin? Not a problem, Eye Care Cosmetics has the black felt pen eyeliner for you. Looking for a premium natural skincare brand that helps target the signs of ageing? VETIA MARE and VETIA FLORIS are the experts.

Other natural skincare brands include Seascape, which are well known for their relaxing ranges names Unwind and Soothe, whilst also being organic and kind to sensitive skin, they are also suitable for expectant mothers, making them the perfect for everyone. Bee Good are our next favourite brand. Founded in the UK by a husband and wife duo, these beekeepers have come up with the best honey-based natural skincare products to hit our site, including their range of lip balms, hand creams and this beautifully packaged NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask which is lovingly made with wildflower honey, beeswax, fruit acids and bisabol which helps bring radiance and luminance back to the face, giving you a very natural glow.

There are over 3200 brands to choose from meaning there are natural skincare products suitable for everyone, no matter your skin type because we’re here to help you find the products that are right for you.


Originally published February 2017, My Beauty Matches  By Jasmine Taylor-Moran

Jasmine Taylor-Morgan is a Beauty Blogger from Hertfordshire who loves adding to her lipstick and nail polish collections. As a lover of travel, she’s always looking for products that can withstand the natural elements and last all day.