How to Prevent that Dreaded Bad Skin Day

Seeing dry skin or spots pop up out of nowhere is a horrid thing to wake up to, especially when you have a busy day ahead. Keeping your head low and avoiding eye contact is one way to go about it, but as skin is our first defence against harmful toxins, it doesn’t make much sense to put products on our skin that contain them. Using natural skin care will help keep your skin full of moisture and help combat those pesky spots without using any man-made chemicals.

VETIA FLORIS, a swiss luxury skincare brand is completely natural and is developed using alpine flowers and botanical fruit water to create their indulgent, skin replenishing products. Their range boasts to increase firmness, slow signs of ageing and improve the skin’s overall tone and texture to preserve a youthful, radiant complexion.

Starting a skincare regime is really easy as it can be incorporated into your existing morning and nighttime rituals, alongside brushing your teeth. So long as you keep it up, you should start seeing results after 28 days (this is the normal time it takes for skin cells to regenerate) [Read more: 4 Things All Dermatologist Want you to Know].

Using the VETIA FLORIS Replenishing Cleanser and Hydro-Mist Tonic, you can wipe away even the tiniest trace of makeup, remove any impurities and prevent the skin from drying out. The cleomilk complex found within these natural skin care products also speed up the process of cell regeneration, making impurities go away even faster! Sealing in the moisture with the Intensive Treatment Mask, you can be sure that there will be no bad skin day this winter.


Originally published Nov 2016, My Beauty Matches  By Jasmine Taylor-Moran

Jasmine Taylor-Morgan is a Beauty Blogger from Hertfordshire who loves adding to her lipstick and nail polish collections. As a lover of travel, she’s always looking for products that can withstand the natural elements and last all day.