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Products To Protect Against Blue Light At Home

Our skincare products are having to work harder than ever. Not only do we need products that hydrate and protect our skin, help prevent premature ageing and protect against polluters, we now also need to consider the impact of blue light on our complexions, too. Not sure where to start when it comes to keeping your skin safe from the impact of blue light? Pure Skin Boutique has got you covered!

What Does Blue Light Do To Skin?

With many of us sitting at home in front of our computers working or scrolling on our phones more than ever, what are the effects on our skin? Studies have shown that while low energy and low exposure times to blue light can help to prevent skin diseases, longer exposure to high-energy blue light can increase DNA damage, cell and tissue death and skin barrier damage. But you can protect your skin. Here, we select the skincare heroes that will keep you safe from blue light damage.

BYONIK CONCUR Anti-Pollution & Anti-Ageing Collection

This range contains a special formula of high-quality detoxifying and anti-ageing substances to protect from the daily impact of damaging environmental factors and regenerate the skin from deep down. With an elegant scent of black roses and a unique combination of active substances, this is the ultimate spring skin treat. Containing the BYONIK Concur Face Mist, Cream, Fluid and Cream Rich, this protective skincare regimen has everything your complexion needs to protect itself from the elements and prepare for the season.


BYONIK High Energy ProMicrobiome Cream

The microbiome is our natural shield, it maintains the skin barrier, regulates the pH-value and protects the skin from stressors from the environment, including blue light. This cream promotes the formation of hyaluronic acid in the skin which hydrates and smooths the microstructure of the skin, while helping to restore and protect the skin barrier.


BYONIK High Energy Ultimate Cellular Power Mask

This gel mask infuses your complexion with moisture, reducing signs of tiredness and leaving you looking fresh and radiant, no matter how many hours you spent in front of the computer yesterday! It contains extracts of plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid to strengthen and protect the DNA and cell function and counteract environmental pollution. It also has antioxidant and detoxifying properties so that fine lines and wrinkles are minimised, and skin is regenerated for a younger, more radiant complexion.


SWISSCODE Pure Repair Complex

This complex supports the skin’s internal protection and repair mechanism. As a result of this support, damaged cells are renewed, and the skin can function with greater efficiency. A must if you are regularly looking at screens!


Photo by JJ Ying