Reduce The Effects Of Stress On Your Skin ASAP

With a new year, comes new stresses – we can’t avoid them. As much as we pledge to be more relaxed, make time for ourselves, or start afresh, there’s always going to be something that’s over-thought, makes you nervous or causes you a bit of stress, which then reflects in your appearance.

Stress can cause people to age much faster and can wreak all sorts of havoc to your skin if left untreated. It can become visible on your skin through wrinkles, breakouts or bouts of dry skin. Your skin reacts to stress in a number of different ways so it’s important you look for tips for healthy skin and reduce the signs of stress, which in turn can reduce your actual stress as there are a lot of skincare products out there that can double up as aromatherapy treatments to help relieve you of stress

Getting healthy skin helps achieve a healthier mind. Some tips for healthier skin could help you de-stress both mentally and physically through your skin.

Using skin care products that are full of natural antioxidants and herb based ingredients will give you the revitalising boost your skin and pressure points need in order to de-stress. I gave Vetia Mare’s Revitalizing Cleanser a test for just over a week to try and see if these tips for healthy skin is really the secret to reducing stress.

Removing impurities from skin that’s breaking out is easy with natural ingredients from the Swiss Luxury brand Vetia Mare. Taking extracts of algae and sea mayweed to calm the skin and aid with hydration, stress and general fatigue, massaging into the face daily keeps you thoroughly cleansed and is a great tip for healthy skin.

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Spending more time on myself and my skin care made a huge impact to both my mental and physical levels of stress very quickly, with my breakouts calming down, the dry skin on my face vanishing and the overall glow of my skin had returned as well as feeling more calm myself. Simply by spending 5-10 minutes every morning and evening cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin and taking my time when doing it. These things shouldn’t be rushed and you’ll see results much faster if you take your time.

The massaging motion on my temples, jaw and forehead were great stress relievers and concentrating the Smoothing Eye Contour Cream around my eye sockets really helped with built up tension behind the eyes as well as plumping the skin to reduce visible signs of stress and ageing – although, as I’m still young, these aren’t likely noticeable to anyone but me.

Energising your skin and lifting both your skin and your spirit, the Energizing Serum will invigorate your skin’s functions, stimulate your natural defense system and sustain hydration with the brown algae and seaweed ingredients within.

Following these tips for healthier skin, you should see your mind and body de-stressed in no time.


Originally published February 2017, My Beauty Matches  By Jasmine Taylor-Moran

Jasmine Taylor-Morgan is a Beauty Blogger from Hertfordshire who loves adding to her lipstick and nail polish collections. As a lover of travel, she’s always looking for products that can withstand the natural elements and last all day.