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Support Your Winter Skin Barrier 

Our skin has different needs at different times of year. Winter is all about protection, so it’s time to build up your winter skin barrier in time for the colder months. Explore our go-to ceramide-drenched products, which provide the building blocks for the ultimate healthy skin structure. Avoid tired, stressed skin and help give skin a radiant glow by locking in moisture and protecting against environmental stressors. Not sure where to start? Pure Skin Boutique’s winter skin barrier edit has you covered. 

The Winter Skin Barrier Skincare Edit

SWISSCODE Pure Vitamin F Forte

Pure Vitamin F Forte provides an instant soothing and deeply moisturising effect for stressed and damaged skin, which helps to support the skin’s microbiome, essential for supporting a healthy winter skin barrier. Essential skin lipids give immediate relief to dry and irritated skin whilst restoring natural calm, which can be extra tough in the winter season. 


SWISSCODE Bionic Stem Cell Age Control

Support your winter skin barrier with this cult hero, which combines the highest levels of anitoxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This formula is proven to increase skin luminosity by 325%. The unique stem cell ingredients for Stem Cell Age Control include the age combatting plant extract of Edelweiss to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture and collagen, and Jasmine to stimulate collagen regeneration. This all adds up to a smoother, more radiant and youthful complexion.


BYONIK Supreme SICCA Control Fluid

The innovative BYONIK Supreme SICCA Control Fluid uniquely regulates the imbalance of skin that is prone to impurities and dry at the same time, which is very common for this time of year. The formula stabilises the skin barrier and reduces water loss from the skin, helping to support your skin barrier.


BYONIK High Energy ProMicrobiome Cream

The microbiome is our natural shield, it maintains the skin barrier, regulates the pH-value and protects the skin from stressors from the environment. A compromised winter skin barrier can increase the risk of inflammaging and this cream promotes the formation of hyaluronic acid in the skin to hydrate and smooth the microstructure of the skin, helping to restore and protect the skin barrier. 


BYONIK Supreme Mask & Nightcare

This super rich cream regenerates the skin’s natural barrier function and improves its moisture balance. It also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling toned, silky and looking radiant. It can be used as a mask or as a night cream last thing in the evening before bed for the ultimate winter skin treat. 


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