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The Best Pure Skincare For Spots & Blemishes

The quest for pure skin can be even more challenging if you are dealing with blemish-prone skin or adult acne. Here are Pure Skin Boutique we are here to help, with the best skincare for spots and problem skin, and some top tips for keeping congestion at bay. If you’re struggling with maskne (mechanical acne caused by the friction of face masks), ensure you’re using a clean mask for one wear only before washing or replacing, and avoid touching your face as much as possible. Drink plenty of water and a have a diet rich in fresh, seasonal foods, and consider specialist treatments if problems persist. Ready to freshen up your skincare regime? Check out our top performing skincare for spots and blemishes.

Best Pure Skincare For Spots

BYONIK HIGH ENERGY Calming pH Spray Face & Body

This spray will help to calm your skin, helping to prevent inflammation-induced spots. It acidifies the skin surface and buffers the pH of the hydrolipid film, stabilises the acid protective coat. It gives the skin more resistance, counteracting any imbalance of the germ flora and will help to prevent the transition of the skin to an inflammatory stage.


BYONIK CONCUR Anti-Pollution Fluid

The concentrated combination of active elements in this light fluid support the skin by protecting it from free radical damage, which can lead to breakouts and spots. The formula promotes cell regeneration, hyaluron provides volume, plumping and smoothing the skin, while detox agents protect the skin’s natural barrier.


BYONIK Purity Essentials Set

Looking for a complete pure skin care set to help fight blemishes and problem skin? This complete travel set of BYONIK’s daily essential Purity Cleansing products in a handy transparent bag. It comprises the Purity Cleansing Gel (100ml), a gentle yet thorough cleanser for a clear and fresh complexion, Purity Cleansing Milk (100ml), which contains lipid rich active ingredients which are soothing and regenerative, making it ideal for removing impurities and make-up, gently and thoroughly, Purity Tonic (100ml) that restores the protective acid mantle and skins pH and Purity Enzyme Peeling (100ml) that cleanses intensely and smooths the skin.



This is the ultimate barrier repair product, as it acts as a barrier for the skin itself, protecting vulnerable skin from developing spots and blemishes. Provitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and biotin combine with a maximum amount of rich ceramides to help your skin create a seal of freshness which protects it from environmental damage and will also help guard against further irritation.


SWISSCODE Bionic Recovering Complex

Products with anti-inflammatory benefits are key for preventing breakouts. The base cocktail of the products in the bionic range combines the highest levels of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This product includes concentrated active ingredient Summer Lilac to provide powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to leave skin feeling calm, soft and supple with a more even tone.


SWISSCODE Pure Repair Complex

This complex supports the skin’s internal protection and repair mechanism. As a result of this support, damaged cells are renewed, and the skin can function with greater efficiency, helping to prevent future blemishes and breakouts.


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