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The Body Contouring Products You Need To Try

Ready for a new season body touch-up? We’ve got the perfect bodycare duo for a complete transformation. Our body contouring duo boosts circulation and energises sluggish cells to reveal fresh, firm, sculpted skin. Sounds too good to be true? Check out SLIMYONIK at Pure Skin Boutique alongside two more bodycare heroes to complete the look. Just make sure you drink plenty of water, choose fresh seasonal foods and stay active for maximum impact.

Body Contouring Products We Love

SLIMYONIK Body Contour Gel

This is a high-definition cellulite control warming gel that delivers serious results. It is a highly concentrated gel with bioactive substances from rosemary, ivy extract, camphor, menthol and nicotine to strengthen and activate the skin’s innate functions, stimulate fat reduction and firm the skin tissue. A warming effect is generated, increasing the amount of oxygen in the weaker tissue and stimulating the lymphatic system. Your skin will be left looking smoother and firmer, easing the orange-peel look considerably.

SLIMYONIK Silhouette Refiner

This is a light gel with a combination of contour-improving and moisturising active ingredients. It stimulates fat reduction and leaves skin looking smoother. The active ingredients, a complex of artichoke extract, red grape seeds, levan of sugar cane, caffeine from tea leaves and provitamin B5, fight excess fat effectively by activating lipolysis and reducing the formation of new fat cells and accelerating the breakdown of existing fat.

VETIA MARE Firming Body Lotion

This firming body lotion contains micro algae and seaweed extracts to improve skin elasticity, reduce fibrin deposition in derma, fat accumulation in hypo derma, and control normal function of adipose tissue. It provides a new, more effective approach to cellulite prevention and reduction, while the ocean-derived substances also relieve dryness, lessen the appearance of fine veins and refine skin tone and texture.

BYONIK Enzyme Peeling Gel

Your body needs exfoliating just as your face does. This is a mild enzyme peeling gel with papaya enzymes and anti-microbial/anti-viral properties. Containing enzymatic active ingredients to non-abrasively remove dead skin cells and sebum. It refines the skin’s complexion and stimulates cell renewal.

Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash