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Want Instant Skincare Results? Try These Pure Skin Boutique Favourites

Here are Pure Skin Boutique we know the importance of finding a skincare routine that works and sticking with it for long term results. However, we also know that some products are so great, they deliver results right away. Instant skincare results come from products with high quality active ingredients and hydrating powerhouses such as hyaluronic acid. In fact, one of our best-sellers (SWISSCODE Pure Hyaluron) has been proven to improve skin’s moisture levels in under two hours. We only sell products that give proven results, which you can find out more about on the individual listing pages. But to save you from searching the site for a quick skincare fix, we’ve done it for you. From Power Masks to Age Control formulas, these powerhouse products are the best instant skincare products on the market.

Best Products For Instant Skincare Results

BYONIK High Energy Ultimate Cellular Power Mask

For an instant pick-me-up, this gel mask infuses your complexion with moisture, reducing signs of tiredness and leaving you looking fresh and radiant. It contains extracts of plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid to strengthen and protect the DNA and cell function and counteract environmental pollution. It also has antioxidant and detoxifying properties so that fine lines and wrinkles are minimised, and skin is regenerated for a younger, more radiant complexion.


BYONIK Supreme Mask & Nightcare

If you have ultra-dry skin, this super-rich cream will give your skin an instant makeover. With a delicate texture to regenerate the skin’s natural barrier function and improve its moisture balance, it also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Use it at least once a week and apply it generously to cleansed skin on your face, neck and décolleté. 


BYONIK Anti-Aging Complex

This world-renowned anti-aging treatment is one of the most effective (and fast-acting) on the market. The ampules contain an intensive concentrate of anti-aging peptides used in combination with short and long-chained hyaluronic acid to revitalise, plump and regenerate the skin, for visible results. If you’re looking for instant skincare results that will give long-lasting anti-aging benefits, this is the pick for you.


BYONIK Hyaluron Power

This brand-new addition to our best-selling BYONIK collection provides concentrated moisture to the skin and has an instant skin smoothing effect. The hyaluronates combined in the 2-Power Complex give your skin back its youthful resilience for extra smooth, extra firm, extra power, in a hurry.


SWISSCODE Bionic Stem Cell Age Control

This formula is proven to increase skin luminosity by 325% and includes age-combatting plant extract of Edelweiss to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture and collagen, and Jasmine to stimulate collagen regeneration for a smoother, more radiant and youthful complexion.


SWISSCODE Pure Hyaluron

Want more hydrated skin in a hurry? This daily moisturising tonic for your skin contains the highest concentration of clinical grade hyaluronic acid for the ultimate moisture hit. Proven results include increasing the skin’s moisture levels by 20% in less than two hours, you won’t find a faster acting product!



For an instant pick-me-up for tired skin, try SWISSCODE Pure Dynalift. The perfect emergency remedy for tired looking skin, key active ingredient Sorghum Juice forms an invisible film on the skin’s surface for instant tightening, firming and radiance. Within 5 minutes wrinkles are smoothed out and the micro-lifting effect lasts up to 4 hours.


Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash