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What Holiday Skincare Should You Pack?

When it comes to holidays, we all want to keep things simple and focus on the fun. So, what on earth should you pack?! Our holiday skincare picks are perfect for packing up your complexion perfecting favourites so you come back rested and glowing. Here, we’ve collected our Pure Skin Boutique summer skincare essentials that are perfect for vacationing, all in one place. They’re all under 100ml so perfect for packing in your carry-on, too.

Jet, set, go!

Best Holiday Skincare For Glowing Summer Skin

SWISSCODE Sun and Sea Repair Duo 2x 30ml

These summer skincare 30ml must-haves should be the first thing you pack! The Pure Repair Complex supports the skin’s internal protection and repair mechanism, helping it to heal from any damage. Cells are renewed, and the skin can function with greater efficiency. The Bionic Recovering Complex combines the highest levels of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, thus providing powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Get this duo in your carry-on and get ready to glow.


BYONIK CONCUR Elixir Ampoules

This intensive anti-aging, anti-pollution and anti-pigmentation complex is the ultimate easy skincare treat, perfect for packing for summer. Expect immediate skin tightening, along with anti-inflammatory and skin soothing benefits to repair and detoxify whilst supporting the prevention of premature skin ageing.



This best-seller contains the active calming skincare ingredient black oat, which provides deep moisturising and gives your skin a vitality you’ll feel immediately, making it a great holiday skincare pick-me-up. Provitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and biotin combine with a maximum amount of rich ceramides to help your skin create a seal of freshness, which protects it from environmental damage, perfect when you’re travelling somewhere new.


BYONIK Purity Essentials Set

Check out this trial set of BYONIK’s daily essential Purity Cleansing products in a handy transparent bag that is perfect for your holiday. This set contains the Purity Cleansing Gel (100ml), Purity Cleansing Milk (100ml), Purity Tonic (100ml) and Purity Enzyme Peeling (100ml). If you only pack one thing, make it this.


Safe travels from Pure Skin Boutique!

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Main photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash