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How To Boost Your Skin’s Immunity from Within

At this time of year it’s important to boost all areas of our immunity, and that includes our skin. With colds and flus going around plus the contrasting cold weather and central heating, it can play havoc with your complexion. But don’t worry, at Pure Skin Boutique we have the products you need to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. 

How can you boost your skin’s immunity?

To boost your skin’s immunity, you can take several steps to support your skin’s barrier and overall health. Your skin is equipped with immune cells that protect you from external threats, and maintaining their health is crucial. Consider looking for signs of damage to your skin barrier such as dryness, cracks, burns, or wounds, which indicate a compromised skin barrier. Incorporate skincare with ingredients like Vitamin A, which can help strengthen your skin’s immunity and overall health. You should also adopt a holistic approach and focus on overall health and well-being, including diet, lifestyle changes, and avoiding immune suppressors, to support a healthy immune system, which in turn benefits your skin.

Which skincare products boost your skin immunity?

BYONIK High Energy pH Calming Spray

BYONIK® HIGH ENERGY Calming pH Spray Face & Body provides 24h calming and soothing protection for irritated and stressed skin whilst helping to balance the skin’s pH levels. The spray acidifies the skin surface, citric acid buffers the pH of the hydrolipid film, and stabilises the acid protective coat, helping to give the skin more resistance, counteract an imbalance of the germ flora, and prevent the transition of the skin to an inflammatory stage. A calming new season biome booster to help boost skin immunity.    

SWISSCODE Pure Repair Complex

This Repair Complex is a concentrated serum that supports the skin’s own internal protection and repair mechanism. Bifidus extract, a non-live probiotic, helps to reverse cell damage, and boosting the skin’s immunity by stimulating its natural protection, and preventing premature ageing. 

SWISSCODE Bionic Recovering Complex

This Recovering Complex provides immunity-boosting regeneration and protection plus a firming boost for stressed or sensitive skin. Concentrated nourishing active ingredients, derived from Echinacea Angustifolia, stimulate collagen production while extract of Buddeleja Davidii provides a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to leave skin looking and feeling calm, soft, and supple, perfect for this time of year.

BYONIK High Energy Ultimate Power Mask

This soothing gel mask  infuses the skin with moisture, reducing signs of tiredness and leaving the complexion fresh and radiant. It contains extracts of plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid, which strengthen and protect the DNA and cell function and counteract environmental pollution. Antioxidant and detoxifying properties mean fine lines and wrinkles are minimised, with radiance boosted; perfect for this tough time of year.

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