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How To Keep Skin Healthy In Winter

Keeping skin looking and feeling healthy at this time of year is no easy task. Cold weather, central heating and dehydration can all play havoc with your complexion. But Pure Skin Boutique is here to help! We have a host of hero winter skincare saviours to help keep skin healthy, protected and moisturised so that it looks as good as it feels. Adding even one of these products into your regime could help to protect and rejuvenate your skin this season.

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How To Keep Skin Healthy In Winter

BYONIK Supreme Mastercare

This 24-hour regenerative solution for mature skin is perfect to help keep skin healthy in the winter. It works to provide your skin with a silky-smooth texture, while the mattifying formula offers a youthful and glowing complexion. Formulated to benefit hormonally depleted skin, it is a nutritionally rich cream delivering regenerative care and lifting effects, promoting the formation of collagen, connective tissue, and elastin.


BYONIK CONCUR Anti-Pollution Cream Rich

Winter skin is often stressed skin, which can lead to liver spots, uneven tone, dryness and a rough texture. This rich cream protects your skin around the clock, providing moisture and leaving you with a smoother complexion. Hyaluron, anti-ageing peptides and nourishing oils provide a smoother, more delicate skin texture. It provides ultimate pampering to keep skin healthy in winter.



SWISSCODE Pure Repair Complex

This complex supports the skin’s internal protection and repair mechanism, making it a key choice for this season. As a result of this support, damaged cells are renewed, and the skin can function with greater efficiency. If your skin is feeling stressed this season, this is the perfect rescue remedy and an obvious winter skincare pick. 


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