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How to protect against skin allergens

Skin protection research is starting to point to air pollution as one of the major causes of premature ageing of the skin, with recent studies proving that you age faster living in cities. With the onset of spring, in addition to the usual pollutants and free radicals, many people are also dealing with seasonal allergies. One of the symptoms of hay fever is dry, itchy skin, so you may need to adjust your skincare at this time of year to counteract these symptoms and ensure your skin looks and feels at its best. Are skin allergens a worry for you? We’ve got just the solution.

DID YOU KNOW? Around 7million of these toxins accumulate on a person’s skin every day, restricting cell regeneration and accelerating the natural ageing process.

At this time of year, skin allergens are a major contributor to irritation and inflammation; but fear not, we have the perfect antidote! In the same way that we need to choose skincare that protects against free radical and pollution damage, we should also be protecting our complexions against seasonal allergies. Allow us to introduce you to the ultimate anti-allergen and anti-pollution skincare solution.  

Calming Skincare Products

BYONIK CONCUR Anti-Pollution & Anti-Ageing Collection

This spring, protecting the skin from damaging environmental influences such as allergens, particulates, UV, changes in temperature and dry environments has never been easier, thanks to this BYONIK collection. The range contains a special formula of high-quality detoxifying and anti-ageing substances, to protect from the daily impact of damaging environmental factors and regenerate the skin from deep down. With an elegant scent of black roses and a unique combination of active substances, this is the ultimate spring skin treat. Containing the BYONIK Concur Face Mist, Cream, Fluid and Cream Rich, this protective skincare regimen has everything your complexion needs to protect itself from the elements and prepare for the season.


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