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Looking For A Pure Skin Serum?

When it comes to our skin, we all have one thing in common; we all want a pure, clear complexion! But since everyone is different, there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to skincare. But the one product that is suitable for pretty much everyone is a serum. Some creams and oils are too heavy for certain skin types, but high performance serums are a great lightweight option to deliver maximum high-quality ingredients in a way that works for even sensitive skin types. If you’re looking for a pure skin serum, we’ve got exactly what you need. Here, we highlight two of our best-selling, hero products for maximum performance and noticeable results.

Best Pure Skin Serums


This scientifically based formula was developed for the BYONIK HIGH ENERGY range and this Anti-Aging Serum meets even the highest expectations. The innovative serum supports the skin’s elementary functions, so it is the perfect product to use while preparing for your daily skin routine. It blends a range of active substances that tackle expression lines and hyaluronic acids to hydrate and regenerate. It also contains extracts of balloon vine and blackcurrant protect and soothe the skin. In short, it is a pure skin serum packed with active substances to meet the highest expectations and give visibly anti-ageing results. It is also antioxidative so it guards against damage caused by UVA and IRA radiation and also prevents irritation and inflammation.


SWISSCODE Pure Hyaluron

An absolute cult classic, if you’re looking for a true all-rounder, this is the pure skin serum for you. SWISSCODE Pure Hyaluron is a daily moisturising tonic for your skin that contains the highest concentration of clinical grade hyaluronic acid. It is an excellent water-binding molecule, which assists the skin with its essential daily challenges, soothing irritation and providing youthful translucency. With hyaluron levels diminishing dramatically everyday with age, regular use of SWISSCODE Hyaluron will deliver unrivalled buoyancy and radiance in the skin, with proven results. It has been clinically proven to increase skin’s moisture levels by 20% in less than 2 hours and enhances the absorption of Vitamin C in the skin by 3 times.


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