The Serum Jennifer Aniston Loves (& More Pure Skin Boutique Celebrity Favourites)

One thing that most celebrities have in common is gorgeous, picture-perfect skin. Another thing they have is access to the very best skincare products. So when a product gets an A-list fan club, you know it really works.  One of our best-sellers has a host of celebrity fans, and we happen to know the serum that Jennifer Aniston uses (and it’s one of the best hydrators on the market). Ready to meet a few of our celebrity skincare favourites (and the Jennifer Aniston serum we know you’ll love)? Allow us to introduce you…

BYONIK CONCUR Anti-Pollution Cream

Loved by: Denise Van Outen

A great choice for city dwellers (and those with a fast-paced A-list lifestyle), this BYONIK CONCUR Anti-Pollution Cream contains high-quality detox agents combine to protect skin, while hyaluronan helps to replenish the moisture reserves, special proteins help to restore an even complexion and avocado oil lends your skin a smooth suppleness.


How To Plump Skin


The scientifically based formula developed supports the skin’s elementary functions, preparing it for your daily care routine. It does this with a blend of active substances which tackle expression lines and hyaluronic acids which hydrate and regenerate. Extracts of balloon vine and blackcurrant protect and soothe the skin; it’s a real all-rounder hence its cult following.


SWISSCODE Pure Hyaluron

Loved by: Jennifer Aniston

This daily moisturising tonic for your skin contains the highest concentration of clinical grade hyaluronic acid for the ultimate moisture hit. Proven results include increasing the skin’s moisture levels by 20% in less than two hours, enhancing Vitamin C absorption by three times and rebalancing the regulation of the skin’s immune system for stronger, healthier skin. Not only does this product have a host of high profile fans from Jennifer Aniston to Celia Walden, SWISSCODE Pure Hyaluron also won the Women’s Health Beauty Award 2018.


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo