Woman's eyebrows to show CHADO Pommade

This Pommade Creme Supreme Is The Ultimate Eye Makeup Multitasker

When it comes to makeup, you might not always start with the eyebrows. But flawless brows are actually the fastest way to really perfect your look in a hurry. Wondering how to achieve long-lasting, perfect eyebrows in a hurry? We’ve found the ultimate product. And even better, it’s a multitasker! Allow us to introduce you to CHADO Pommade Crème Supreme, one of our favourites here at Pure Skin Boutique.

Created in Geneva, Switzerland and specialising in eyebrow makeup, CHADO is one of the best anti-ageing makeup brands on the market, thanks to added plant stem cells. And this is one of its hero products, multitasking as an eyebrow, shadow and liner.

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CHADO Pommade Creme Supreme

If you’re on the hunt for the very best eyebrow make-up cream, look no further! This long-lasting eyebrow cream adapts perfectly to humid climates meaning it is ideal for every season. It is perfect if you want to sculpt and redraw your eyebrows to create the perfect shape, and it can also be applied as eye shadow and eyeliner. It pairs the filling effect of both a crayon and a powder.

How to apply CHADO Pommade Creme Supreme:

You can either use a stencil (try these Pochoirs D’Artiste for Eyebrows) or a brush to create the perfect shape and fill using this cream pommade.

If you want to use as a liner, use an eyeliner brush such as the Pinceau Precision No 3 to gently line along the lash line and upward from the outside corner to create feline flicks.

Blend onto the eyelid using a finger to use this multitasking eye makeup product as an eyeshadow.


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Photo by Chad Kirchoff