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This VETIA FLORIS Hand Cream Will Give You Softer Hands

The chances are that you’ve never washed your hands so frequently as you have over the last year. Whether you’re repeatedly exposing them to soap and water or using hand sanitisers or gel-based cleansers on the go, your hands are probably suffering as a result. So, finding the best hand cream for dry skin has never been more important. And we’re here to help! We have the perfect one, in the form of our beloved VETIA FLORIS hand cream, which is a cult classic. If you’re not familiar with it, let us introduce you and tell you why you need it; your hands will thank you later!

De-stressing skincare you need now

VETIA FLORIS Hand Cream: Dry Skin Hero

While we’re washing our hands to get rid of germs and try to prevent the spreading of infection, did you know that having dry skin actually increases your risk of picking up germs? So, while it is great to wash your hands, if repeated washing and drying is leaving your skin chapped and dehydrated, you could be doing more damage in the long run. Therefore, keeping your hands in tip top condition has never been more important. Our advice? Use a hand moisturiser every time you wash them. For the ultimate luxury it has to be our VETIA FLORIS Nourishing Hand Cream.

VETIA FLORIS Nourishing Hand Cream

Imagine encasing your hands in a nourishing invisible velvet glove; that is the feeling you’ll have when you apply this luxury hand cream. Not only does it work perfectly for very dry hands, it also contains Ronacare Tiliroside, a unique anti-ageing ingredient with skin calming features which works by reducing the risk of inflammation caused by physical or chemical irritations. It also acts by calming skin prone to allergic reactions or other skin disorders and by protecting the dermis against the degradation process. It also contains Neurolight, a highly effective ingredient that visibly reduces age marks and makes your hands look younger. Softer, younger looking hands here we come.


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