Jellyfish to represent VETIA MARE brand

VETIA MARE Luxury Organic Skincare For Fast Results

Whether you’re looking for a luxury 100% certified organic skincare range or you need products that are suitable for sensitive skin, we have the perfect brand for you. Let us introduce you to VETIA MARE.

VETIA MARE is the first luxury organic, marine-sourced skincare collection based on the principles of derma oceanic science. A wide range of skincare products formulated with totally natural, nutrient-packed marine plants, algae, and micro-organisms,. Its premier key ingredient Jellyfish collagen, the most similar to human collagen, has unique protective and regenerative powers that enable your skin to retain its youthful vitality and effectively combat all signs of ageing.

VETIA MARE is the creation of a Swiss-based source of innovative skincare solutions. Its treatment and cleansing products integrate the latest advances in aqua-biotechnology and employ high concentrations of the best performing marine-derived essences to achieve optimal results.

Stressed skin? Here’s how to achieve healthy skin function.

VETIA MARE Revitalizing Cleanser

This cleanser harnesses extracts of Cystoceira algae and sea mayweed to combat free radicals and calm the skin. An ideal antidote against dehydration, stress and general fatigue, this cleanser leaves the skin thoroughly cleansed, comfortable and less sensitive. Use daily to remove impurities and makeup while moisturising and soothing the skin.


VETIA MARE Moisturizing Refining Enzymatic Peel

Many peels dry the skin, but this hero peel hydrates while it exfoliates. Enriched by extracts from green and red algae, the peel possesses unique multi-faceted functions; exfoliation, purification, pore constriction and texture refining. The peel provides strong protection from oxidative and mechanical damage to your skin as well as helping skin regeneration.


VETIA MARE Age-Defying 24h Dry Skin Cream

This highly hydrating cream contains brown macroalga substances, which limit trans-epidermal water loss and add natural moisturising factors. Natural UV screening and UV protecting agents from red and brown seaweeds protect against UVA and UVB damage and free radical oxidation of skin cells and extracellular matrix. Read our guide on how to apply moisturiser.


VETIA MARE Smoothing Eye Contour Cream

If smoothing your eye contour is your main goal, this is the product for you. This cream is formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes and utilises ocean-sourced ingredients to provide long-lasting effects of increased firmness, reduced wrinkling and lining, and enhanced hydration. It works on dark under-eye circles with a complex of compounds from a marine algae with a unique “light collecting” capacity to provide natural luminosity that makes your eyes radiant.


Collagen Eye Pads

Photo by Marat Gilyadzinov