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What Makes Swiss Skincare Brands Stand Out?

When you think of Swiss skincare brands, you think of luxury, high-performance products with results at the heart of everything they do. Pure Skin Boutique was born in Basel, Switzerland with Pure Urban Retreat, and these Swiss beauty values are at the heart of what we do, too. Swiss beauty brands have been at the centre of cellular therapy with natural ingredients from the Swiss waters combining with high-performance advanced technology for unparalleled results.

So, what is the best Swiss skincare brand? If you haven’t heard of SWISSCODE yet, allow us to introduce you to your skin’s new secret weapon. Our top-selling clinical line SWISSCODE consists of two ranges of serums and concentrates that are the perfect products to refresh and revitalise your skincare routine. They are also amongst the best skincare products to use after medical and aesthetic procedures.


Pure Hyaluron

If it’s Swiss skincare brands you’re looking for, it may well be because of this product alone. A real hero, it increases the skin’s moisture levels by 20% in under 2 hours, enhances the absorption of vitamin C and delivers unrivalled buoyancy and radiance in the skin. It is a daily moisturising tonic beloved by professionals and beauty editors alike and suitable for all skin types.


Skincare For Lips

Stem Cell Age Control

Many people turn to Swiss skincare brands because they believe that they will be the best products for anti-ageing because of the advanced technology that goes into their development; and they are absolutely right! After 40 days of use of SWISSCODE Stem Cell Age Control, skin luminosity is increased by 325%, skin hydration by 157%, skin firmness by 150% and skin smoothness by 111%, while wrinkles are also reduced by 18%. If that isn’t Swiss performance at its finest, we don’t know what is.


Pure Dynalift HYA

For an instant pick-me-up for tired skin, try SWISSCODE Pure Dynalift. The perfect emergency remedy for tired looking skin, key active ingredient Sorghum Juice forms an invisible film on the skin’s surface for instant tightening, firming and radiance. Within 5 minutes wrinkles are smoothed out and the micro-lifting effect lasts up to 4 hours.


Photo by Pascal Debrunner 

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