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Why You Should Try VETIA FLORIS Now

If you’re on the lookout for a luxury Swiss skincare brand that is organic and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, you should check out VETIA FLORIS, one of our favourites here at Pure Skin Boutique. Not only is VETIA FLORIS plant-based and 100% certified organic, it uses pure and effective ingredients that are completely natural.

The products blend delicate aromas with rich essential oils from alpine flowers with organic fruit water extracts, creating luxurious skincare products that have the natural healing benefits of flowers and plants. Luxury and performance is at the heart of this luxe Swiss skincare brand, for spa-at-home skincare rituals that combine subtle aromas with the finest ingredients for results you will see and feel immediately.

This Vetia Floris Hand Cream will give you softer hands

Best VETIA FLORIS Products To Try Now

VETIA FLORIS Hydro-Mist Tonic

This soft and gentle face tonic combines Zinc PCA and Hyssop to cleanse and gently nurture sensitive skin, protecting it from drying out. The unique natural active ingredient, Gatuline RC Bio, is found in the heart of beech tree buds, and gives an effective holistic response to cutaneous ageing while increasing cellular oxygen uptake and smoothing skin for microrelief.


VETIA FLORIS Conditioning Night Cream

If you want to wake up looking younger, this is the cream for you. This one-of-a-kind night cream delivers a maximum concentration of Skinergium Bio and Gatuline RC Bio, so that wrinkles and fine lines will seemingly melt away by morning! Along with unique natural active, Gatuline RC Bio, Rovisome HA provides your skin with hydration, firmness and elasticity for a noticeably more youthful appearance.


VETIA FLORIS Sculpting Body Cream

Finding high performance skincare products for your body that match up to the quality of your face treatments can be hard. This VETIA FLORIS body cream is one of our bodycare heroes. This highly efficient Camaderm complex of active substances comes with first-class firming features. Offering excellent micro-circulation to support the tissue supply and your body silhouette appear smoother and firmer, the silky soft texture of this luxurious body care makes it a real treat to use.


Picture: by Roma Kaiuk

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