snowflake Photo by Aaron Burden

Winter Skin SOS! Fix Problem Skin With These Pure Skin Boutique Favourites

Are cold temperatures and central heating playing havoc with your skin? Pure Skin Boutique is here to help you with your winter skin SOS! Just as with your winter wardrobe, layering is key with your winter skincare regime, so opt for high-performance hydration heroes and layer them for optimum results. We also have several products specially formulated for irritated and sensitive skin, perfect for if your winter skin needs something calming and soothing.

Winter Skin SOS: Hero Products

SWISSCODE Pure Vitamin F Forte

This formula provides an instant soothing and deeply moisturising effect for stressed and damaged skin, perfect for those experiencing a winter skin SOS. The skin lipids give immediate relief to dry and irritated skin and restores natural calm. It has been developed as a skin protector, to heal and nurture compromised skin making it soft, comfortable and supple.


BYONIK® Cleansing Milk

If the winter season is causing sensitive, irritated, dry skin, help to prevent inflammation with this gentle milky cleanser. It will remove dirt and make-up with an antibacterial and antimicrobial action, containing almond milk for a silky soft skin feeling and calming action.



The ultimate barrier repair product, BYONIK® Seal acts as a barrier for the skin itself, perfect if the winter weather is causing havoc. Provitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and biotin combine with a maximum amount of rich ceramides to help your skin create a seal of freshness which protects it from environmental damage and will also help guard against further irritation.


BYONIK® High Energy Cellomer Cream

Including a high-performance face cream in your routine will help to counteract the effects of the season, and this advanced formula contains ingredients from the anti-ageing elite, including antarcticine, platinum, hyaluronic acid and telomere-protecting peptides.


VETIA MARE Age-Defying 24h Dry Skin Cream

This super hydrating cream contains brown macroalga substances, which limit trans-epidermal water loss and add natural moisturising factors, perfect as a winter skin solution. Natural UV screening and UV protecting agents from red and brown seaweeds protect against UVA and UVB damage and free radical oxidation of skin cells and extracellular matrix.


BYONIK® CONCUR Anti-Pollution Cream Rich

This rich moisturiser protects and hydrates your skin around the clock, whatever the winter weather throws at you. Hyaluron, anti-ageing peptides and nourishing oils provide a smoother, more delicate skin texture, for skin so healthy it glows. The use of botanicals minimises dark spots and discolouration and the formula prevents the formation of melanin, thus slowing down the pigmentation of the skin – leaving it glowing and even.


Photo by Aaron Burden